This privacy policy describes how  Bizsolindia IT Services. Pvt. Ltd. , 14-17 and 18 Suyash Commercial Mall Off Baner Road. Baner Pune-411045 uses information collected from the visitors to the website

We collect contact information from people like their name, company they represent, email address and contact details, purely to address any business enquiries or solution support calls. This is used to create our database for solution enquiries and reverting back to these enquiries. The information collected here is not shared with any third parties or internal group companies.

The information asked for is purely at the discretion of the user in case he needs any further information related to our solution portfolio’s and the website does not require it as a mandatory ritual.

Our website is basically static in nature, and basically is focused on providing information related to our solution portfolio and forte.

Our website does not make use of any cookies.