1. Direct Time saving in generating output by reducing manual intervention
  2. Reduction in time to claim reducing overall cycle time and saving on interest cost
  3. Improved process and stock knock off as required by Drawback calculations
  4. Remove errors due to manual control by putting system based defacing control
  5. Better Claim Recovery by ensuring all Items are claimed and every legitimate duty recovered
  6. Service Oriented Evolving Solution as per the need, Covers Risk for Changes in Rules and Procedures.
  7. No AMC / Support / Upgrade / Development Expense
  8. Data Load / Consumption run comprising various stage are closely supported by IT Team (On Site / Off Site) taking care of all Technical / Exception cases.
  9. Constant value addition in form of Process Improvement for each iteration, by Involvement / Active Participations from the Core Solution Team.
  10. On Demand Report / Output Development as per changing needs to Various Government Authorities Ensuring Speedy Claim Processing.