Stand alone module mostly usefulto SME sector not having an ERP to take care of their daily transaction processing relating to :

  1. Complete manufacturing cycles relating to procurements, stocking, production and sales.
  2. Authorisations of purchase orders.
  3. Complete inventory management with/without batch controls, bin card maintainance etc
  4. Subcontracting with accurate challan reconciliation quantity, as well as weightwise.
  5. Export documentation including ARE1, shipping bill, excise invoice, customs invoice, proof of export along with related cenvat, rebate and undertaking impacts.
  6. Reports and returns in the form of ER1, RG1, Cenvat Credit, Detailed as well as consolidated inventory movement report as per the inventory method adopted.
  7. Supplier bill bookings and inventory valuation thereon.
  8. Integration with accounting systems like tally.