ERP Feasibility
This involves understanding Existing processes, system, needs and mapping those to appropriate level of Solution requirement along with foreseen challenges. Feasibility contains high level budget as well so that management can take informed decisions.

ERP Fit and Selection
Once the feasibility is completed, we further help companies map their processed along with different ERP vendors along with due diligence of the suggested processes by ERP vendor to the requirement Map. Further we shortlist matching vendor and support decision making for ERP selection. At the same time critical pay back areas are also mapped.

ERP Implementation Steering
Here we help companies implement ERP by ensuring that promised deliverable are delivered accordingly and the pay back points are monitored. During the implementation our representative become part of the project management team and ensure these deliverable as per process mapping. This also involves managing internal change management where in our representative help internal team go through the transformation to ERP.

ERP Application Management
Further post go live we ensure and continue ERP management and ensure pay back points by driving internal user for constant improvements. On a long run beyond the payback points we help keep on improving ERP processes along with enhancement as per aligned objectives and keep the ERP management and upgrade cost in control to.