Tailor made solutions fitting your specific business processes and peculiarities relating to all functions concerning logistics and taxation and finance ranging from

  1. Solutions fit to small and medium sized enterprises with or without integration to ERPs to cater to all their functions ranging from procurement’s, stocking, production, subcontracting, sales including multi warehouse material management feature and reports and registers in the form of RG1 and returns in the form of ER1, ER4, ER5, ER6.
  2. Specialised solutions for traders.
  3. Complete automated procurement solution from requisitions to deciding the best quotes to getting automated approvals for the purchase orders via mails and so on and so forth along with complex MIS reports required.
  4. Independent Subcontracting solutions including scrap accounting also covering accurate challan reconciliation with complex scenarios of cross consumption, weight wise etc.
  5. Solutions for service providers including reverse charge.
  6. Unique features and flexibilities to maintain centralised as well as decentralised data for multiple locations/branches of the same organisation.
  7. Compatible for preparation of excise documentations like Commercial Invoice, Packing List ARE1, ARE3, Rebate Claim Application etc.
  8. Unique tracking features capable of tracking a process flow ranging from rebate application to receipt of rebate, CST C form tracking, export procedure tracking from invoice to proof of export to BRC, MEIS, Form CT-2 tracking and many more.
  9. Uniquely configured systems for Software Technology Parks of India.